Saturday, 7 November 2015

Why I Joined: John Baker

At an AUA London Region event at UCL in 2009, I was inspired by members of the Study Tour group who reported back on the insights gained from their trip to India, and thought about the benefits of participation each time a call for applicants had been circulated.  But previously either existing personal commitments or work priorities had provided obstacles.
So I was delighted to be able to apply and then selected to be a part of the 2015 Study Tour to Belgium & the Netherlands.

As the pace of change in HE seems to quicken, and the pressures on administrative staff grow, I think the insight and awareness that can be generated from real life connection and appreciation through schemes like this can be invaluable.

My participation in AUA activity enables me to stay in touch with a diverse range of institutions and people in different role functions across the UK, but I am delighted to be able to participate in this tour and to be able to develop an appreciation for a range of Higher Education institutions, and their priorities, elsewhere within Europe.

My recent experience with MOOCs run by institutions in Europe and beyond has expanded my vision when it comes to expertise and practise elsewhere, and I think sometimes institutions can be happier to share the truth and benefit of their experiences with organisations with whom they feel less directly in competition.

My role as Corporate & Business Planning Manager at London South Bank University requires me to interact with all parts of the institution, and liaise directly with colleagues at all levels, and I am confident this experience will enable me to engage effectively with representatives from the institutions hosting our tour in Leiden, Delft, Amsterdam and Antwerp. 

I look forward to tweeting throughout my participation of the tour, and sharing insights and experiences gained on this blog.

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