Friday, 6 November 2015

Preview of Tour Theme 3: Managing Student Employability

In the Netherlands and Belgium, as developed first world economies and HE systems, the skills and employabilty of graduates is of interest to govemments wishing to support their economies, and students looking for the best outcomes of their studies.
This theme is being led by John Baker and Andrew Tuson. The questions we would like to explore on the study tour are:
  1. Do you have institutional approaches to ensuring graduates are work-ready, or equipped for the contemporary workplace? 
  2. How do you involve external organisations in student employability initiatives, and other partnership activity?
  3. To what degree are placements an integral part of learning programmes within your institution, and are there barriers to participation?
  4. Are there other forms or models of student work experience?
  5. How do you measure the engagement and success of careers services and employability and initiatives with your students? Do you have strategies to prepare students for the international job market?
  6. How is the employability agenda embedded within existing assurance cycles and management reviews?
  7. Do students of different backgrounds present particular employability challenges (e.g. non EU, low socio-economic groups), and how do you tackle these if so?
As always, comments and poniters to resources are always welcome.

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