Friday, 6 November 2015

Why I Joined: Beth Beasant

The next post in our series on the team, over to you Beth...

I have been working in higher education for just over 10 years, 9 of which were at the University of Exeter.  Since moving to the University of Surrey, I have been focussed on learning about different institutional cultures, making contacts at my new University and learning about my role.  A year in, I decided it was time to return to some CPD for myself and focus on broadening my knowledge of both UK and international higher education.

 The great draw of the AUA study tour is that whilst you are focussed on learning from your host institutions and the international context within which they operate, you are working with new colleagues from a variety of universities throughout the UK.  I am excited to spend some time with the group, learning about similarities and differences within our own settings, and seeing how these are different again in the Netherlands and Belgium.

I have travelled extensively through Western Europe, but never made it to either of our host countries.  I look forward to experiencing the many cultural differences that I am sure there are, and seeing how these impact on each university’s approach to HE management.  I shall be working with David Law on Tour Theme 1: Internationalisation.  Probably the broadest of the three themes it will give us the chance to look at a wide range of issues affecting institutions across the three countries.

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