Friday, 30 October 2015

Preview of Tour Theme 1: Internationalisation of Higher Education

Internationalisation is a common topic. Both Dutch and Flemish universties offer a substantial proportion of degree programs in English. As such their internationalsation activities will be of interest to UK readers.

This theme will be led by Beth Beasant and David Law. The first set of topics are general context – with a focus on the sector:

  1. What is the impact of globalisation/internationalisation on the HE sector in your country? 

  2. Have universities in your country had to face the challenges of an internationally competitive market?

  3. In general, how has the HE sector in your country developed an international strategy?   In terms of international student recruitment, what are the key markets?  Does partnership with overseas institutions, including (perhaps) the development of overseas campuses, play a significant part?

These will be followed by some specific context topics – with a focus on the individual institution

  1. Do you consider your university to be an “international” university?  If you do, what reasons do you have for your response?  If you do not, would your leaders want the university to become an “international” university? 

  2. Do you have an internationalisation strategy or is this a strand or theme incorporated in other areas of business?

  3. How is your institution responding to the internationalisation agenda – what factors are the key ones that you feel your institution must respond to? 

  4. Is student mobility within the EU an aspect of internationalisation so far as your university is concerned?

  5. Does government policy influence the approach taken by your university?  What key areas does ‘Study in Holland’ focus on? 

  6. In terms of internationalisation, what is the focus for your institution: student recruitment, research collaborations, exchange, commercial partnerships?

  7. Do you have a key focus for your international student recruitment?  What are the key markets, and what subjects do your students want to study?

  8. Has technological innovation impacted on how you work with students and staff who are not based on your campus?

Of course if there are resources you think we should read, then please let us know in the comments.

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